One of our submarines

or... The voyages of the SS Dasani

The most recent issue of MAKE Magazine includes a brief comic strip on how to make a submarine using a couple leftover water bottles. The bottom of one bottle gets modified into a rather large prop while the other bottle serves as the fuselage (is that the right word for a submarine?). A paper clip, a couple rubberbands, and a paint stir-stick round out the parts needed to build this little thing.

Its really too simple to bother with blow-by-blow instructions.... If you can't figure it out, then buy the magazine ;-P. The kids and I had fun with it and here are the results in video. Enjoy!

Sub voyage 1 Sub voyage 2 Sub voyage 3 Sub voyage 4
Voyage 1 (5.1 MB) Part Deux (2.7 MB) Voyage the 3rd (4.9 MB) Fore! (6.2 MB)

Of course we'd like to thank the following for their contribution to this glorious victory for the homeland. First, primary chop stick provider: Natalie. As chief engineer: Veronica. By virtue of having arms long enough to reach the water and thus earning the rank of co-captain: Isabelle. Fabrication, production, direction, photography, editing, key grip, best boy, and captain... Andrew.

Happy Sails to you.